Pool Services endorsed by TFP or comply with BBB


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Aug 4, 2008
I know this site is geared towards DIY but are there any known services that TFP.com endorses or a list of services that use the BBB method?


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Apr 4, 2009
If you can post your location, there may be members lurking that can help you out :goodjob:


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Apr 26, 2009
I use many of the methods used by most on TFP (albeit not quite exactly BBB, as I rarely if ever have to add Baking Soda) and all of my customers who've had pool service with other companies (or, themselves) tell me that their pool - and water - have never looked (or felt) better...

- Jeff (Gilroy, CA)


A major portion of our work is educating the customer, and we always suggest that they visit TFP, read Pool School, and input their info into the Pool Calculator (or buy the app for their iPhone) to take control of their pool. We are able to correct anything in their water, but we cannot do anything to keep it as we left it after we leave; that is up to them.

Not only does being able to recommend TFP as a value added bonus to our work bring value, we feel that the info taught here will help them to maintain their investment and pool enjoyment. We are located in San Diego, but try to help educate as many people via the web as possible as well.

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Mar 28, 2007
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It is more difficult for pool services to be able to use mostly unstabilized chlorine (i.e. chlorinating liquid or bleach) because they generally only visit pools once a week. Nevertheless, there are some services that are able to make this work using higher CYA levels to lower daily chlorine loss from sunlight and using a high enough Free Chlorine (FC) to prevent algae growth. Pool Chlor is one such pool service company that I know of though I'm sure there are quite a few others.

I think that you're more likely to find hybrid approaches where Trichlor pucks/tabs will be used for chlorine maintenance though at higher FC levels and with some control of CYA through water dilution when it gets high. The largest pool service in my area (Herb's Pool Service uses this approach though most such services don't use quite enough FC relative to CYA.


We also work with a guy that maintains 1,400 pools a month, and he maintains a CYA level of 100 ppm because he uses liquid to sanitize, and he finds that he can usually keep a good residual that way. After we purify his pools he has us add CYA back in to reach these levels (so we obviously can't really teach BBB to these customers :( ).

This particular guy buys 18,000 pounds of CYA yearly! The higher level seems to be working for him!