Pool Service Company Question


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Nov 12, 2015
I had back surgery and can't take care of my pool for another 6-months. Hired a pool company that comes to maintain my pool every week for about $100/mo. What activities are reasonable to expect from the pool guy each time he comes onsite to service my pool? I would think the following:
  1. Skim pool surface with net
  2. Test water chemicals (chlorine and PH at the least)
  3. Dump the baskets (return and pump)
  4. Sweep pool and hot tub
  5. Check: salt cel for error messages and DE for pressure
  6. Notice any items that don't seem right (leaks, calcium, etc)
Is that reasonable? expected? or asking too much? Just want to know because this current guy spends 3-4minutes total and doesn't do that. In fact, he throws in chlorine tablets into my return and I have a salt system.


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
You might get want you want for $50 to $100 per week, but not per month.

There is no advantage to them to test much of anything, if something goes wrong, you pay them to fix it.

No teenagers nearby that would like $50 each time the pool needs to be cleaned? Can you do your own testing?


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Aug 4, 2017
stillwater oklahoma
i was in south florida visiting and watched her pool service guy make a visit. he brushed, tested the water, vacuumed the floor. charges her $25/wk. he was in and out in less than 20 min