pool season again with more test questions....


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May 24, 2007
we took a sample of our water to the POOL STORE and i dont know where to start,i did the BBB thing last year and everything was just great all season ,ive been adding liquid bleach 6% now for 5 days and we can see the bottom fairly well .i have vacumed, scrubbed and filtered 24&7 here are the #s we got yesterday
saturation index 0.06
total disolved solids 100
free chlorine 3.8
total chlorine 7.5
combined chlorine 3.7
ph 7.6
cyanuric acid 9
copper 0
iron 0
total alk 186
adjusted total alk 186
calcium hardness 132
temp 60
so anyway iam stuck getting old i guess just need a jump start thanks.. :roll:


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
Combined chlorine (CC) is above 0.5 so you should shock the pool. That means bringing the FC level up to 10 and holding it there by testing and adding more chlorine as needed to maintain FC at 10. Once CC goes to zero you can stop shocking.

You also need to bring your CYA level up to between 30 and 50. I would take care of the CC first before dealing with CYA.

Your TA level is fairly high so keep an eye on your PH and don't let it get higher than 7.8.

All of which assumes that the test results are right. The best investment in your pool you can make is to get a high quality test kit. I recommend the TF Test Kit, see the link in my signature. The Taylor K-2006 is also a good choice.