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Jan 16, 2021
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Hello everyone! I am a new pool owner. Just bought a new home that has an inground L-shaped pool (32K gallons). This summer I will be draining the pool as the vinyl will be replaced. I was thinking of using a combination of Ozone / UV along with swapping out sand from the filter to 2/3 stage glass for efficiency/performance. I am willing to spend money if it saves me time and cost on maintenance. What are the best automatic pool chlorinator systems in the market?? Still researching for a great pool robot! Thoughts or concerns?
  • ClearO3 ozone generator and Ultra UV2 UV-C germicidal light
  • Replace sand with Activated Filter Material by Dryden
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Jul 17, 2019
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Save your money on the UV/Ozone, those are not highly regarded around here plus you get plenty of free UV from the sun. While I do not have a sand filter, the general consensus is the glass is also just marketing and not as good as a properly cared for sand filter.

If you are looking to spend some $, I would focus on a couple of thigs:
- Robot cleaner
- Good quality test kit, so you can test your own water and not get suckered into unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals from the pool store
- Salt Water Chlorine Generator if you do not want to mess with adding chlorine to your pool, plus the salt water feels much better

Here is some further reading on what is not recommended, including UV/Ozone

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Kind of like asking a Hamburger website about a veggie burger.. :mrgreen:

Not many of us here at TFP, believe in "Magic" products or devices... TFP is a website dedicated to teaching how to maintain your pool using one of the few sanitizers approved by the US Government... Chlorine.. By adding directly to the pool or by using a Saltwater Chlorine Generator or SWCG..

We also believe that you can't do better than using sand in a sand filter..

There is just no reason to use anything else..

If you want to use the best sanitization system around, you should take a read through our Pool School and see what we are all about.


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Jan 16, 2021
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Side question: I know mineral pools are highly recommended not to use in this forum BUT what do you think about this pool companies system? I originally wanted to do mineral pool with UV combination but too much negativity around it here so it scares me! River Pools Easy Water Care System: A Better Solution to Pool Sanitation
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