Pool robot - do I need one?


Nov 7, 2019
I’ve been a pool owner now for about 18 months and researched and started using the TFP method to assist with the pool while continuing with the pool service until I felt confident. It’s been nearly a year of doing it by myself and I find it straight forward and nowhere near as much work as people think.
My question is as we come into spring and summer down here, do I need a pool robot? Currently we have a functioning IFCS which came with the pool and needed some repairs which I managed last year, it has its own filter and appears to keep the pool reasonably clean. The pool is covered most of the time due to lots of deciduous trees and last summer lots of dust and evaporation. I have a roller cover which I find very easy to use and keep covered when rolled up. I also use hairnets in the skimmer basket which are so good and are regularly changed.
This is the pool at the end of winter, I did a little skimming to remove leaf debris but it seems very clean and I’m not sure whether a robot is required. I read about how they save a lot of time and I just don’t know whether I actually need one.



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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
No, I'd say if your IFCS actually works you're fine without a robot.

Given a choice between a pressure or suction side cleaner (sweeper, really) and a robot I'd say robot all the way!