Pool Return/Supply Test Pressure


Aug 5, 2019
Rhode Island
Hello All,

I have a 16'x32' inground pool that's basically a swamp. I'm slowly working to having it hopefully ready to be used, basically running new wiring to it, I'm going to drain it and shovel out what I assume is a nasty amount of leaves from years of being uncovered before having someone replace the liner. My question currently is what pressure should I use to test the underground lines going to the skimmer and the returns? I want to make sure these are fine before I eventually get the liner replaced so I'm not having someone else do it or having the setback of finding out after. I'm not sure if the previous owner winterized the pool or to what extent they did. I've attached a pic of the lines at the filter and pump to show what type of piping is there. Thanks in advance.