Pool return fittings?


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I'm building my inground pool myself and I'm a little confused on the pool return fittings. I ran 2" lines in a loop around the pool. Then dropped down to 1.5" and stubbed them out into the pool. But now I don't know which type of return fitting I need. I ordered some Hayward 1.5" wall fittings but they have threads on the inside and outside. So, I'm assuming these won't work and I need some kind of Insider fitting....maybe with an eyeball?? I see they make some with 1" opening, 3/4" and 1/2". Which ones would be best for the wall returns.

I also have three seperate returns in the floor of a tanning ledge for a fountain/bubbler effect. They will have about 4" of water over them. I don't think I want eyeballs for those do I? Any suggestions.

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Apr 14, 2012
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I'm looking forward to any response from a pool builder. I'm likely doing the plumbing on my own pool build and the selection of fittings and their descriptions online is daunting.

Have you looked at Waterway's selection? They have pretty good pictures of their glue on returns.


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May 7, 2007
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A standard plaster return wall fitting has a slip joint that gets glued to the pipe and a 1.5 inch interior threaded hole on the pool side. The outside has ridges, often much like threads, that engage the plaster to help hold it in place. The standard return eyeball fittings (amiable with a smaller hole) then screw into the 1.5 inch threaded hole.

Vinly liner pool return fittings have true threads on the outside that are used with a plastic nut to screw it down to the pool wall.