Pool resurfacing and Pool deck renovation

Oct 13, 2015
Woodlands, Texas
Good morning ladies and gents, I’ve been following the TFP method for the last 5 years since we bought our home ( with a pool that is now about 24 years old).
Life has been great and we have really enjoyed the experience of having the pool and maintaining via the method.
It’s a 22,000 gal SWG in ground pool with pebbletec.

We had planned on doing a renovation this winter but have noticed a spot of rust that appears to be from exposed rebar (roughly 3 inches Long and 2 inches wide) so now are worried that we should speed up the timeline to do it this summer. I hate to lose the time we can swim, but want to avoid a leak or causing more damage to the pool wall behind the surface/gunite.
Are we likely to have problems with the resurfacing if we wait a few months and do it this fall or will the resurfacing normally remediate any concern anyway?


Gold Supporter
May 16, 2010
Chapel Hill, NC
You'll have to jackhammer out around the rust spot to get down to the rebar, cut out the rebar and then fill in the home with hydraulic cement. The replaster on top of that. Do it when you replaster the pool in the fall.