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Feb 20, 2018
A little history

So I inherited a pool with the house I purchases 2 years back. Inground pool with vinyl liner, 2 ladders, a diving board, and slide. 18x36 with 3 foot shallows and 8 foot deep end. The previous owner claimed to have replaced the liner 3 years ago but with the condition of the liner and lack of paperwork, I doubt that was the case and its probably closer to 10 years old. I know I cant put all the problems on them as by this point its really on me to better maintain this thing.

So down to the point. Late December, early January, we had a really bad freezes and I got wrecked. multiple cracked parts and 2 tears formed on the liner above water. cracked parts were due to the pumps not running as my timers had and issue and cut them off. Its finally warming up a little so I'm trying to get these issues fixed now. If not fixable, I'm open to a full liner replacement with a few additions if possible.

Actual questions

The pool is developing dips along the top of the liner at the coping in multiple places. most of these haven't exposed the material behind the vinyl yet but one serious spot that has existed since I got the pool extended well over a foot long. To compound this spot, one of the two tears is directly next to it with maybe an inch of material between the tear and edge of the liner. Both tears are above the water line. To repair these tears, I likely need to reseat the liner first.

1. Any suggestions on pulling the liner back in place? I've tried just pulling at the liner as is it get an idea of what kind of give I might get and well accidentally removed a chunk of vinyl the size of my thumb or so at the tear. I'm planning to drain the pool a few inches to gain a little more room to work but it wont be much.

2. Has anyone tried the ameri-shield repair kits for the top 10 inches of the liner. I think there is where most of my current damage is and redoing that might add a few more years.

3. Part of the coping came seperated from from the concrete surrounding the pool and it appears the previous owner tried to repair it but there is like a 1/2 inch gap between it and the piece it is suppose to connect to. I'm really not sure how to proceed with this other than cutting it out and trying to cement it back in place.

4. If I go the route replacing the whole liner, Can any work be done to the concrete surrounding the edge of the pool too? The concrete decking has formed cracks over time that have extend all the way to the pool's coping. also possibly repair the coping in question 3. I dont know if cutting out concrete is a possible thing or not but I really dont care for the look of the way it currently is.

Any suggestions or advice that might help is greatly appreciated.



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Jul 10, 2012
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If the liner tears like that I am not sure I would even try to stretch it again. May be time to replace the liner :(

Can you take and share a pic of the coping so we can see what you are working with. A picture is worth 1000 words.

I don't how fat your wallet is so...........think about what you want done vs what you need done and we will go from there.



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Jun 23, 2017
I have a vinyl liner pool. We have concrete poured around our coping with little strips dividing each slab, and a couple shifted and we had them cut out and replaced. A good concrete guy can do it and make it look good, but you will have to paint the concrete if you want it to all look the same. And if you don't have separate slabs there would probably be a mark where the old and new meet.

Something we didn't think about or realize at the time though, with our coping, to have it replaced they need to cut it out of the concrete and that will make a big mess and ruin our new slabs. So consider things carefully before starting on anything.


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Feb 20, 2018
to try and prevent the major dip from getting worse, I used some gorilla tape to hold the liner up somewhat.

The concrete throughout the back was clearly done in different pours and finishes so im not too worried about the look being consistent. I just wouldnt mind a little contrast on the concrete, I've seen pools with bricks or something like that going around the edges or something that isnt as rough as the concrete, maybe tile layed over it or something. I get a decent liner is probably going to cost me 3k+ but, I really have no idea what installation costs run like for a liner replacement, adding steps, repair work etc.

thanks for the advice so far, work has me busy but I'll get some pictures the next time its daylight outside.
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