Pool renovation- Unexpected surprise


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May 8, 2018
Houston, TX
Growing up, there was a group of kids around my age that lived along the same road in South Baton Rouge. We spent the summers at one particular house because they had a pool. That house has since been through many owners and the pool fell into neglect. Last year, a friend of mine purchased it and began renovations, including the pool. She added water features so it was recommended that she tear out all of the old plumbing and just re-do everything (not a huge deal since she was putting in a new deck and plaster anyway). On demolition day, she sent me a text telling me that the entire pool was plumbed with copper pipe. Unexpected, but nice, surprise since she was able to sell the pipe and offset a little of the renovation cost.

And suddenly, the lone blonde girl of our group whose hair turned a lovely green EVERY SUMMER came to mind. I had to call her to let her know that it was, indeed, the pool- just not the chlorine like everyone told her.

Was copper plumbing a common thing, though? Never heard of that, but I haven't renovated any 1950/1960 pools lately.
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