Pool Reno


Sep 11, 2018
N. Andover MA
I just signed a contract to renovate our 22x42 kidney shaped pool. It is a 22 years old plaster pool and has seen better days. We chose Wet Edge Signature Matrix in Laguna Blue with Abalone shells and Classic Tile Ocean Blue 3x3 tiles. The current system is quite simple with Starite 1.5 hp pump and System 3 filter, 2 skimmers and 6 returns (3 wall, 3 floor). I now need to make decision on SWG and heater. Considering CircuPool and Raypak but welcome any other suggestions.


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Aug 10, 2017
Morris Cnty NJ
That's a big pool how many gallons? I'm guessing you will need a 60k cell if it's a deep pool so that limits you to only a few brands. Do you want any automation?