Pool reel strap question


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Jun 3, 2011
Well just my rotten luck, the pool straps pulled thru my solar cover from i am assuming the winds today on the new pool reel I just installed this past weekend :(
What's strange is the cover has never twisted up like this before, even during past storms?
From the solar cover being pushed and kinda twisted to one side of the pool the solar cover straps pulled thru the solar cover. My strap kit has the A 2 piece screw type connector for the solar cover side. It has a larger flat piece that goes on the top side of the solar cover that the straps slide into and the bottom side of the connected is basically a screw with a large head on it
What's strange is all the large head screws are on top of the solar cover, you would think they would either have sunk to the bottom of the pool or would have just ripped thru the solar cover? Instead the 2 piece connecters are all on top of the solar cover in 2 separate pieces.
Regardless I wanted to ask how everyone that has solar cover reels attached the straps to the solar cover?
Is there a better strap kit available that won't rip thru the cover?
Let me know and thanks in advance!

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Jun 22, 2009
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I got some stainless steel fender washers and used one on each siide of the fold to hold the straps on. They won't rip out and they'll last a long time.


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Jan 3, 2013
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I really like the idea of stainless steel washers as all the online review for cover straps either have them melting or falling off.