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Oct 25, 2020
Roseville, California
I have a century centurion pump motor which I am trying to wire to 115V. I've attached the label with the wiring diagram. There is a white cable and a brown cable (with spades) coming from the pump motor. For 115V would the brown go to B, hot go to L1 and the neutral and white both to L2? Thanks!


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Cal Poole

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May 4, 2021
i have a similar pump and just did this. my pump immediately trips the breaker. but my reading of my wiring diagram, and yours, is that the White wire goes to L2, which is just above the B terminal. Brown goes to the B terminal at the top. according to my research (unproven), hot Black goes to L1 and neutral White goes to L2.

In your wiring diagram, and in mine, they make it ambiguous by referring to the power wires simply as Line 1 and Line 2. maybe experienced people just know what that means.

I used this vid to see how to rewire my pump for 115:

How To: Wire WhisperFlo & Similar Pumps For 115V

My pump doesn't work, so caveat emptor.

good luck.
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