Pool Pump Upgrade for AG Pool


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Mar 23, 2017
I recently upgraded my 3300 gallon summer waves pool to intex pump.
Works great, but the vacuum setup. I was told I need a new vacuum hose and adapter to put on the skimmer plate to upgrade to a 1 1/2 inch hose.
The reason for this is because the little hose that comes with it is not good enough and will crack and ruin the skimmer area.
The plate that I have looks different than the one I found online in most places. Mine is more square than round. Looking for a adapter to upscale it to 1 1/2 inch size?
Here is my skiimmer plate that I have? any suggestions ?



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Jun 7, 2011
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Re: Pool Pump Upgrade

I'm not sure, but wanted to say welcome to TFP!

Also, that I am moving this to the AG section so hopefully more AG eyes will have a peek at it. You didn't make a mistake putting it here at all, just hoping it will get some attention over there.

Best of luck on your project there, and we hope you enjoy the forum. :cheers:

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