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Sep 11, 2016
Laval, Quebec
Had a new pool installed last October which I haven't used at all yet. It's by reading through this forum that I came to realize pumps use a great deal of electricity (duh). The PB installed a Hayward 1HP Super II pump (SP3007X10A). In hind sight I probably should have asked for a variable speed pump (unfortunately I found this forum after my contract was signed and not before). The pump runs on 220V and the electrician wired up the pump with a male plug (prongs are horizontal rather than vertical) that I plug into a corresponding socket(also installed by electrician) in my shed. (pump is also in shed)
I figure I can install a timer to reduce my energy consumption. I found this on Amazon

Can I use this? Spec wise it seems to be able to handle the pump. I wanted to ask first before ordering it as it doesn't look like any other pool pump timer I have seen in stores before.


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

Most timers are built to be outside so they are in metal boxes to prevent water from getting inside.

If your pump and power plug are inside a shed, I say give it a shot. It appears to be designed to handle the load.

I would only be worried if it is in a location where it could get wet.


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Mar 17, 2015
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If it is to be located outside where it can get wet, I would get one of those grey outdoor plastic boxes in the elect. part of a building supply store.
Come in different sizes.The front has a panel that has a rubber seal all around and 6 or so screws.Drill a hole at the bottom to run wire in/out of
I even use one for my outdoor metal water resistant timer.those even get crappy with time.Plus they also work great for any drop cord being used as you can put the plug ins inside and they stay dry.

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