Pool pump timer issues


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Mar 4, 2021
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For future reference, this reply from another site was spot-on for me, and a quick DIY fix:

"Direction is controlled by a gear inside the timer cap. When you open the Intermatic door (T100 series - mine is the 220v T104) look thru the circle near the top (use a flashlight) to see the little black gear in the back turning clockwise. If it's going CCW it's running backwards. Turn off power (breaker), unsnap the mechanism (release is at the inside top) and pull the guts forward to access the timer (careful of wiring). The timer cap (with the printing on it) can be carefully pried off with a sharp blade or pocket knife. Inside the 1" gear on the right can be lifted out. The position of the metal lever bar on the bottom side of this gear forces the magnet wheel next to it to go in the proper direction. The lever bar will turn until it contacts one of 2 plastic posts. Whichever one it was against, reposition it so the bar turns toward the other plastic post. Mine was running backwards because I took it apart to inspect it (worn gear) and when I modified it to work on the unworn part of the gear, I (mistakenly) installed the 1" gear in the wrong position, then had to figure out why it was running backwards. This position can't change by itself, so I assume your has ALWAYS run backwards. Running backward WILL cause the timer to bind up when it contacts the adjustable timer tabs. Check clearances of power wires before turning power back on to make sure nothing is shorting. "
My Intermatic T104 220V timer had been running fine for several months. Yesterday noticed the timer was stuck at the point the (green) ON position mechanical mechanism is in contact with the switch arm. So it had been operating and turning in the proper direction for a long time. It seems like at some point it reversed directions and the timer was now turning counterclockwise and got stuck (jammed). Does this make sense. The green ON mechanical mechanism was bent. It appears to bend this the motor would have now been operating in reverse. Replaced the Green ON mechanical piece with a new one. Pulled out on the yellow timer face to release and disengage. Rotated the yellow timer face to a new position. Moved the Timer On/Off Switch by hand to OFF and then back to ON. Power to the timer was not removed. It's working fine again and rotating in a clockwise direction. Can the Timer 220V Line1 and Line2 power inputs be doing something to cause the motor to turn backwards? My pool pump/motor runs off the same Line1 and Line2 power source.
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Can the Timer 220V Line1 and Line2 power inputs be doing something to cause the motor to turn backwards?

No. As the post you quoted said the mechanical gear that control the direction can't change by itself.

Whatever happened with your timer this is not likely to be the cause.


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Aug 15, 2017
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I believe the timer motor is on its way out. When they get weak it gets stuck behind the tripper. Single phase 220v doesn't cause the motor to rotate in reverse even if you swap the two hots around. The green on tripper was bent from whenever, you only took notice now that it got stuck.