Pool Pump Stopped working


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Sep 15, 2020
Austin, Texas

I have a "hayward power flo matrix sp1510z1xehc" won't start. Pump is 3-4 years old.

1. Breaker didn't trip
2. Outlet is getting power.
3. Flipping the on switch, nothing happens, no noise either.
4. Took the back cap part off the "Impeller" turns freely with screw driver.
5. I don't see any loose connections or frayed wires
6. I do use an outlet timer but I plugged pump in direct passing timer still nothing.

My next guess its the capacitor?

We did have a power outage but that could be red herring since I didn't check after. At least 48 past before I noticed pump not on.


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Mar 17, 2019
Chandler, AZ
Welcome warlord.

I would check the capacitor as a next step, especially since you are in a hot climate. I've earned that the heat takes a toll on these parts; plus it's a cheap fix if that is the problem.
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