Pool Pump is really noisy... Should I get it fixed, replace the just the motor, or replace the whole thing?


Jun 23, 2017
Phoenix, AZ

My Max Flo II pool pump started making a loud high pitched noise. From what I have read, I think that means the ball bearings need to be replaced. So, should I (1) get the motor fixed, (2) replace the motor, or (3) replace the whole pump?

The pump has had issues staying primed lately also. I don't know if that has something to do with the motor failing or if there is another problem. I have had to fill the pump with water right before turning it on. A couple times it stopped pulling water while it was on.

We bought the pump in 2011, so it is 10 years old. Our pool is pretty basic. We don't have any water features or heaters or anything. It just has a shallow end and a deep end with a diving board. We have 8 kids, so the pool is used a lot during the summer.

(1) Fixing the motor seems like the cheapest option, but how long will it last?

(2) If we replace just the motor, it seems like it would be a good idea to get a VS motor. I found one that looks like it would work with our pump for around $450.

(3) I'm not sure I would want to pay for a new VS pump/motor combination. I've used some calculators and it looks like I could save about $200 a year in energy cost. If I have a new single speed I might be able to run it less often and save money too.

So, any suggestions? Thank you!


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10 years is a good length of time for a motor. Some go longer, some much less, but that's a good average. You certainly could replace just the motor. If you do, get a 2-speed. Stay far, far away from single speeds. With a new 2-speed motor, you could get another 10 years out of it and run it on low almost all the time. If you elect to go variable, I'd probably just get the entire new pump unit. There are some out there now that are quite reasonable.
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