Pool Pump Flow-Meter Installation


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May 8, 2007
Katy, TX
I just installed a flow-meter to gauge the flow rate in gallons per minute (GPM) of my pump/filter system. I purchased a Blue-White flow-meter, model # F302 PR for a horizontal run of pipe (2"). I purchased it from HERE. I needed to install it on a 28" straight run of pipe to have accurate readings.

Here's the run of pipe that it will be installed on.

Here's what comes in the box.

Here it is installed with about 28 GPM flow running through it.

My pump is an Intelliflow 4x160 that I've been running at about 1600 RPM which turns out to be 28 GPM. In that case, I get one turnover every 6.5 hours for my 11,000 gal. pool.

My intent is to tinker with different RPM settings and report the corresponding flow rates so other board members here can use it as a rough guide for their system.

Installing this meter was one of the easiest things I can think of to do. It took me all of about five minutes to turn off the pump, bleed off any pressure, measure the pipe for placement of the meter, drill the hole with a 5/8 inch spade bit, clean off the burrs, place the meter in the hole, and tighten down the clamps. That's all there is to it. The hardest thing was letting go of about $80 to do it, but I think I may be able to save at least that in electricity costs by setting the pump to achieve about one turnover a day.


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May 8, 2007
Katy, TX
DaveNJ said:
I like the gauge. Going to have to check it out. The only place I have a horizontal run that long is after the heater/check valve.
You can place it there no problem. Blue-white also makes a model for vertical pipe as well, if that helps.


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May 11, 2007
Baton Rouge, LA
thanks for flowmeter info!

Good info, Dave...

thanks for sharing; I've been running mine on 2250 rpm for 5 hours/day since the weather has cooled off... and my pool/spa is a little larger than yours, so based on your information... I'd guess that I"m pretty close to one turnover a day too....

not assuming that it's exact... but close enough... water looks good... close enough for gov't work.

appreciate any more knowledge you gain from your investment!!

I still have a little Fisher regulator in case someone wants it for cheap.

Thanks again,


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May 8, 2007
Katy, TX
OK, here's some data:

The lowest reading on the flow meter is 15 GPM (highest is 70).

1370 - 15
1500 - 24 (default speed 2)
1600 - 28
1700 - 33
1800 - 37
1900 - 41
2000 - 46
2300 - 57
2350 - 60 (default speed 3)
2500 - 65