Pool pump dying?


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Mar 31, 2008
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Hello! It has been awhile, but I have been lurking some and of course using the Pool Calculator regularly, so thanks again.
My pool pump is squealing (or at least loudly whining) when it runs, and the last time this happened I got a call from my neighbor and replaced the pump motor, lol.
It has been a few years since that happened, so I just wanted to jump in and ask if it does sound like I need a new pump motor.
I would like to replace it with the same motor, since I'm no electrician and I'd like to just replace it wire-for-wire.
I think I'm looking at a Pentair 071313S single phase 3/4 HP motor, square flange 208/230/115v 60Hz motor, if that is not correct please let me know what ya'll think it is.
Assuming that's right, I found (I think) this motor here: Replacement Pentair Square Flange Motor Energy Efficient | .75HP 115V 208V/230V | Almond | 071313S BPA449 | EB661A | ASB661A | 355008S
Does this look correct? Or if there are better alternatives, I'm game
--Finally, do I need anything else besides the motor (seals, etc.) or will just the motor usually cover it? I think all I did before was replace the motor itself.
TIA, as always!


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Jul 3, 2013
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That motor and your old motor are perfectly good motors, there is nothing wrong with them.. So if you have your old one you are in luck... All you have to do is take the motor apart and replace the 2 bearing in it and you will have a brand new quite motor :)

Once you replace the old motor bearing switch out your motors and replace the bearing in the one running now and you will have a backup motor ready to go..

Grab a new Salt or SCS seal and kit for your pump when you change the motor out :)


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