Pool Problems.......Arg!!!!


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May 29, 2010
O k so We purchased a pool AGP last summer (15' x 48" intex steel frame pool) set it up and loved it from the start. I tore it down for the winter and reset it up this year. Had it filled up ( Were on a well) cost 130 for fill up. Noticed a few hours after fill up it had three hoes in it, possibly a rodent or something chewed it. So i didnt want to waste the water so i borrwed a 15x 36" pool to store my water.
I found a same size (as mine) pool in the classifieds for $200, which was suppose to be in like new condition as i did not want to chance patching and missing holes in mine So i purchased this one(which wasnt really as advertised, missing parts and not very new like condition with a patch covering a gash about 6-8 inches) set it up transfered the water to it seemed ok till the water guy and toped it up( another $60 and then i got a call a couple days later from the wife while at work. "Pool is leaking" Arggg.... So i call the lady up who sold the pool and i have to admit she coulda said to bad but she seems like a great lady as she said bring it back and i will refund your money. So that will happen tomorrow. In the meantime i found an add for freepool parts on our local classifieds inquired and ended up with a 18'x52" intex pool, 3 pumps ladder and bunch of other stuff. This lady said she moved there and the pool was in the backyard folded up all winter. It was very dirty (YUck) She said she had no idea if it leaked or not. I brought it home set it up and spent the better part of the day cleaning it and preasure washing it. It seems in really good shape after the cleaning. As of right now im transfering the water to the new one from the one i will be returning. Problem is when it is done filling and hopfully no leaks i have to move it to where the one im returning tomorrow. It really the only level spot in my yard. Hopin it all works out i dont want to be fighting a pool all summer. I have a 5 yr old daughter who is just learning to swim and just loves thepool . I think she may be part mermaid!!!

Do the patch kits work very well or is there any other way to patch a pool hole?


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May 7, 2007
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Patch kits can work quite well if the hole is not too big, say up to about 3 inches. A patch won't always last as long as the liner will, but it it should last for quite a few years. Patching over larger holds is possible, but the reliability goes down significantly.