Pool pop ups and pool vacs-can they work together???


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Jun 4, 2010
We recently bought a home that was a shortsale, and the owners let the pool go. So we hired a pool guy after we tired to nurse it back, we also bought a pool vac. The pool guy said we dont need the pool vac since we have a pop up system in our pool, and the pool vac could mess up the pop up system. When we were returning the pool vac, the guy in the store said he had never heard of the pool vac messing up the pop up system and that we dont have to return it. Well we didnt want to chance it so we returned it. Does anyone know anything about this (if the pop up system and a pool vac can work together?)


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May 3, 2007
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Technically, the floor cleaners should clean the bottom so you should not need another cleaner. However, some in-floors don't work all that well. Working together could be a problem because both add significant head loss to the plumbing and reduce flow rates. So if the in-floor system is tuned properly, adding a suction cleaner will reduce the pressure in the cleaning heads so they will not be as effective as they would without the cleaner. Also, the suction side cleaner could get hung up on the pop ups. If you can run the suction cleaner without the pop-ups, then there should not be a problem.

My advice would be to give the floor cleaners a chance and see if they are doing their job.


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Jul 1, 2009
Our pool has a Paramount PCC2000 in floor cleaning system. It works very well for us. However, we have little problem with leaves or such getting in the pool. I wanted to use a suction side cleaner. Either manual (on the end of a pole) or automatic. The only way that it would work would be through the skimmer. The way our pool is plumbed, the water going into the skimmer does not go to the filter. It goes to the in floor cleaner. So, any suction side cleaner will not work. The main drain has a leaf canister inline so any debris will get caught and smaller stuff gets caught by the filter.

Check your system to be sure you will be able to run an auto cleaner. If you can run one with a skimmer attachment and not have the in floor cleaner operating at the same time, go for it. I would not run it at the same time as the in floor cleaner as the pressure from the nozzles may blow the cleaner around the pool and make its job ineffective. IMO.

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