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Apr 21, 2017
Baton Rouge
I have seen post similar to this before but I can not find any solid information on prices. When searching on the internet I find that I should expect to pay between 4 and 7 dollars a sqft. to replaster a pool. I know this depends on a lot of things but I have gotten a couple of quotes that are far off from what I was expecting. My first quote was for $9500. And all it said was plastered with quartz plaster. My second quote was for $23,000. It was more detailed. They were charging $13,150 for 462 sqft of the pool and 64 sqft in the spa. $6,000 for 133 ft of tile replacement. And an additional $1,600 dollars because I have an infloor cleaning system. Plus 10.5% sales tax, which I didn't think was charge on services in Louisiana. My problem is I have no idea if any of these are fair. I have an issue with companies jacking up the prices on work they provide due to the neighborhood I live in. I was expecting somewhere around 6,000 to 7,000. Is this an unrealistic expectation?


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Feb 16, 2015
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Wow I think that is a huge rip off. I'm in Los Angeles and am doing an upgrade mini-pebble finish (Tropics Blue) on my pool that is a total of 474 sq ft including tile and all demo for $7,000. If I was to do a plaster it would be around $4,000


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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP... A Great resource even for those living on the right side of the tracks... :shark:

It is a fact of life that pricing is somewhat neighborhood dependent....

Not sure if you are using an actual "pool building" company or going directly to the plasters.

Pool companies often can charge more, as they don't really need the business to stay in business.

If not already doing so, I suggest you look for companies who mainly do plaster and tile work.

Thanks for posting,

Jim R.


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Mar 23, 2017
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What are the dimensions of your pool? Is it huge? Because I have just redone mine and didn't spend anywhere near that and I got a fancy finish.


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Apr 21, 2017
Baton Rouge
Its an irregular shape. Total footage of tile which wraps all the way around the pool and spa is 133 ft. Total sqft of plaster is just under 600 sqft. I changed my photo to an aerial shot of my pool.

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