Pool Pilot reading wrong cell

Jun 20, 2008
Hi all,

I installed a pool pilot digital a few days ago and just got to reading the manual. I did a test just to cycle through everything. My ppm is 3600 but I'd figured that with the 4th of July pool party, I'll have to add some water.

Anyway, the pool pilot is telling me that I have a SC-48 cell, but in fact I have an SC-36.

Anyone know how can I get the control box to recognize the SC-36 cell?

If I remember correctly cell size is selected in the installer menu and to get into that menu you have to hold the button down for 5 seconds.
It's about 13 seconds, but there's the procedure.

Press MENU.
Press and hold SELECT. Installer Menu will appear on the bottom line of the display, when it switches to the top line of the display, you can release. If the display goes back to the normal display, you have to repeat the steps. It means you didn't apply pressure on the SELECT button properly.
Once you're in the Installer menu, you may as well program the other important parameters.
Arrow up or down through the menus and "answer" the questions (displayed menu selections).
Primary importance are SET POOL VOLUME and TIME OF DAY (if you're not on EST).
Once you've reprogrammed it, go to EXIT/END MENU and press SELECT.
Poolsean said:
It's about 13 seconds, but there's the procedure.
Thanks Poolsean, I was working from memory. The Pool Pilot manuals are at work and I havent' looked at them for a while!