Pool pad for temporary pool??


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May 7, 2018
Greensboro, NC
Hi all,

I typically run an Intex 18’ x 52” pool in my backyard - and frankly got tired of the ground moving, the roots and general mud the thing caused - so I went out and had me a nice 20x20 pad poured. Came out great and slopes just under 1” over the 20’ for drainage. Also, all the landscaping and backfilling has been done to the pad (you can see the gaps around in the photo - which was taken the morning after and the forms were stripped).

Given it will be used as a patio during the off months, I had to have it broom finished due to traction.

My question is, what should I use to put under it? I’ve looked at pool pads, and the reviews are all over the place - saying they either work or they are super thin and just an overpriced piece of fabric one could buy at Joann's. I thought about going to Lowe’s and getting some linoleum to put under it - since it’s cheap and sold by linear foot. I haven’t really found much on here except to use foam boards - but that seems kind of challenging to keep together and from disentegrating.

Thank you.


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Aug 15, 2017
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You may try what they sell for shower stall basins. It's a rubber liner sold by the foot it may be a bit pricey but I don't think it'll move.
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