Pool Opening


Aug 13, 2018
Hi all,

So excited to open my pool this week, I found TFP last year about midway through the season, and aside from taking out the trash and having 2 bags of empty jugs, its been really great having such a clear and clean pool.

I have not uncovered my pool yet, but was starting to research how to open a "TFP" pool, but I cant for the life of me find a checklist? I am thinking there is one here somewhere, but I don't see anything.

I normally would, remove mesh cover, get all pump/equip up and going, net out any solids I can from bottom, then vacuum to waste. I would then normally use the Opening Kit from Leslie's.

So now that I am in the TFP world, is there a standard "metals" or whatever that you use for opening, or is it get it cleaned up and start testing??

Thanks again for all your help here, re-reading my thread last year makes me smile, lol... what a difference you guys make in a pool owners life....


TFP Expert
Apr 29, 2016
Quaker Hill, CT
You got it. I know it sounds to easy to be true but there is no magic start up or opening potions or chemicals.

You get your pool uncovered and all the equipment running, skim out and leaves that found their way in over the winter, and then you test your water and adjust as needed.

Hopefully your water is still as clear as the day you covered it. If its not clear or you show any signs of algae jump right into a SLAM once your equipment is going.

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