Pool opening with pollen

Hey everyone! New here. We built our pool late last year in Greenville South Carolina. I put a cover over it as we live on a golf course with lots of pine trees. Looking for advice on when to remove the cover? Next week it will start being on average over 70 degrees and our yard gets sun all day. Just curious how the pollen will make my life a nightmare or should I put off removing cover? Thank in advance!!


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Jan 17, 2012
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Hey there SCPool88! Welcome to TFP!

If you go ahead and open I would suggest putting a skimmer sock in the skimmer to help collect the pollen. It ends up in the sock looking fluffy but it saves your filter from collecting it, hence will extend your time between filter clean outs. You can use reusable skimmer socks which you just rinse out with a hose, or disposable hair nets that folks order off Amazon.

Otherwise, running the pump a bit longer than normal will help keep the skimmer action going and clearing the pollen. It shouldn't go on tooooo much longer I would think since we started so early this year.

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It's time (what's your pool temp?) to open that pool. Putting it off further will get you into an algae bloom.


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Jun 14, 2015
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I'm in southeast TN. We opened today and as part of my opening routine I put a skimmer sock on. It's the easiest solution. I'd rather have the Pollen than algae any day. I learned my lesson last year.

I opened and still has 5ppm FC and clear water. In a few days I'll have my water balanced again and life will be good.