Pool opening water evaporation question


Jul 13, 2020
We opened our pool roughly a month ago. At that time, I tested and added chlorine and filled pool to normal operating level. For the next three weeks the temps in Minnesota swung back down to 30's/40's with occasional days into 50's/low 60's. The water temp was always well below 50 degrees so I did not look at the pool for 25 days thinking that with the water temps under 50, algae growth would not be an issue.

Fast forward to yesterday. I noticed that my pump schedule was off, strange. I had it running minimally for an hour or two per day. I pulled back the cover and see that the water had evaporated to below the side skimmer level. I have three skimmers, two on side of pool, one at bottom. So one skimmer was returning water but it was not enough to keep the pump running so it turned itself off. Glad it didnt fry itself :)

My question is this - Is is normal to evaporate 4-5 inches of water in 25 days? In cold, windy weather? After researching I am finding that cold windy weather does increase evaporation as the air is dry and sucking up moisture but that seems faster than I lose in the middle of the summer? Wanted to get the communities thoughts.

I am currently doing a bucket test to check for leaks, in case.
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