Pool opening issue


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Jul 29, 2015
Atlanta, GA
I set out to open our pool today. I usually pay the pool company to do it but after watching them and YouTube, I figured I could to this and save some money. I followed the TPF pages and have completed the following:
- Cover removed
- Plugs and gizmos removed, replaced with fittings
- Skimmers w/ hair nets replaced to catch the lovely pollen in GA
- Plugs replaced in pumps and filled with water
- Electrical returned to 'on'

I might be missed some in the list but the main pump just makes a 'buzzing' noise when I turn it on. A second pump that runs a water feature is functioning as expected.

I found another TFP thread about buzzing pumps and it talked about capacitors and this is a tad over my head but I followed the instructions here ... pool pump makes humming noise and does not pump ... but no clue if what i was doing was correct. But whatever I touched when I took out the pump basket, didn't move.

Its a Hayward Super Pump SP1610z1m and I don't see a capacitor in a diagram I found that looks at least similar to what we have. Hayward Super Pump SP-1600 Series pool pump parts, Discount parts for Hayward Super Pump SP-1600 Series

Does anyone have any other suggestions before I resort to calling the pool company?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Jul 16, 2012
Central MD
I know this will sound funny, but take a mallet and GENTLY tap around the motor area (the metal area not the wet side) as soon as you turn it on. Could be from corrosion in the motor. See the attached video for a few easy tips including that one. But please don't put your hand in pump with the circuit breaker flipped on!