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Aug 12, 2013
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Hey all have been reading a lot on the site and learned a lot of info from the board. will be getting in a new house with pool soon. Pool is a in-ground gunite with plaster pool with appr 18000 gal.
The pool was empty for a while and was not cleaned 100 % before filling (lots of dead leaves rainwater had accumulated in the deepest part about 3 inch). After filling it the junk was sitting on the bottom and pool water was green mess and pool bottom not visible. A pool company was pumping out the sludge on the bottom and has been adding some chemicals to level pool, they also added a floater with white pucks (i suppose trichlor?).
Since i have access to the house (but not living in it yet)
I did get a TF100 kit and did some testing and found following values

Ph 7.3
TA 100
CH 170
CYA 32
FC 1.5
CC 1.0

There is some algae on some spots on the walls but not much, have been brushing the pool 2 days ago.

The plan is to leave the pucks in the pool for know until i move in to keep the pool chlorinated and i hope that it helps bring the CYA level up close to 50.

Then once i moved in i will get rid of the floater with the pucks and use bleach to keep pool chlorinated.

Now question is how fast are these pucks in the floater drive up CYA levels, any risk that it can go to high?
Also once i move in i will adjust the FC level higher in accordance to the CYA level.
And i plan to SLAM the pool and give it a good scrub to make sure i get rid of all the algae.

Is that a good plan or do i need to do anything else?



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How long before you move in? That FC level of 1.5 is too low for your CYA level now. It will continue to consume more FC than you think with growing algae in it. How much "access" and privileges are you allowed? Welcome!


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Welcome to the forum. :wave: very organized approach.

At the bottom of poolcalculator.com, you will find "effects of adding chemicals" which will calc for you ho0w much CYA each puck will add.

I'll bet you are fine to add some more pucks but do the calc first.

If you could get someone to add 2 large jugs of Clorox ASAP, 2 more in 3 days, and then increase your number of pucks, I think you will be fine.

Is the pump running? Operational?