Pool near existing retaining wall


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Jun 7, 2021
Auburn, CA
We have an unused gravel area at the bottom corner of our property that we would love to put a fiberglass pool in (3'-6' deep). There is an existing vertical concrete retaining wall (above which are some hedges and trees we'd prefer to leave undisturbed if possible) that is about 4.5' tall exposed (35' on the long side, 13' on the short side). How can we find out how close we can put the pool to the wall? We were hoping to take out the short leg of the "L" and have the pool deck about 20" above the existing gravel level, so the remaining exposed concrete wall height would be about 3'. (Not sure if it matters for code purposes that the wall is above the pool rather than below it?)
Any insight/direction is greatly appreciated!
Phil Welch
Auburn, CA

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Aug 10, 2017
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When terracing retaining walls the rule of thumb is the height of the wall is the distance between the walls minimum. So in your case the depth of pool should be the distance to the wall. Granted if pool went in first you could do whatever. The mai issue is what surcharge is on the wall above and what type of footer does it have. The risk is when the pool is dug up until backfill is complete
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