Pool Math dataset incomplete for "Intex" SWGs.


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Sep 7, 2018
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The only pool-math listed SWG under "Intex" shows the "Krystal Clear" and lists it at .63 lbs / 24 hrs.'

There are at least 2 "Krystal Clear" models, with model numbers on the front of these units.
The "Model ECO6110" is the 0.63 lbs / 24 hrs, while the "Model ECO5110" is 0.24 lbs /24 hrs. Big difference.


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Jun 1, 2018
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Intex Krystal Clear
U can just put your value in pool setup since u know it - the one listed in poolmath is the old version I believe before they came out with 2 different choices. For instance i ran 2 (a big one & a little one) so I combined the lbs/day & used that # in my set up in the settings.
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