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May 22, 2019
Just downloaded the app, I really like it and will probably be subscribing. If I understand correctly someone on this forum made it and maintains it, correct?

I had a thought, something that I think would be really cool. What if it had a "Chemical Inventory" section? You could add a log stating what you bought and how much of it. This information then populates in the "Chemical Inventory" section, where you can view the amounts of different chemicals you have. When you add a log saying how much of a certain chemical you used, it then subtracts that amount from the total amount on your inventory.

I think this would be useful because when I go to the store I always have to take a look at what chemicals I have so I don't buy what I already have, and do buy what I don't have. It would be really slick to be able to open up the app and have all that info there.

What do you all think?


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May 11, 2018
Delta, PA
I can't speak to this idea from a Pool Math app upgrade standpoint, but I personally think it's a cool idea! I wish I had thought of this last season. I maintain a pretty extensive pool log and don't use the app, but I just added a formula to my spreadsheet that will track my remaining liquid chlorine levels as I use it. I am an excel nerd and love formulas! lol Unfortunately (not really), I will be having a swg installed this season, so I will no longer have a somewhat large supply of liquid chlorine to keep track of. Other than some occasional conditioner, I really don't add much to the pool other than LQ. I actually bought a bottle of muriatic acid when we first moved into this home and I've never had to use it. Thanks to TFP, I don't really have a large cache of chemicals to maintain :goodjob:
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