Pool math app not recoginizing subscription


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May 28, 2019
New york
I am an iOS user, had pool math last year, and subscribed with auto renew. The renewal went through a few days ago, but when I log into app and try to add new logs I get prompted to subscribe. If I click restore subscription it says it can't find anything. On the about page it shows my subscription expiry date changing. I opened it and it said May 2022, then clicked restore subscription and it couldnt connect to the cloud, now it says today (5/27/2021).

App version 335, I removed and readded. How can I fix this?


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Jun 2, 2019
Mansfield, TX
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Salt Water Generator
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CircuPool Edge-25
Having the same issue, after I try to add a new test log, I have to click “restore subscription”, wait for it to not find the subscription, throw an error about not connecting to “the clouds”, exit and try another log, it’ll resolve itself. But it happens just about every time I open the app. Added a video, @Leebo


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