Pool Math App ~ New Feature Request ~ Out of Range Warning


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Jul 17, 2016
Let me start out by saying, I love the app. But the only complaint that I have is that you must compare your results to the APPs recommended range to determine if your test results are correct.

A new feature that I want you to consider is to have the APP highlight a test result that is not within the recommended range so that the user immediately knows that he must address that area. For instance if my FC should be within 5 -7 ppm according to the APP and my test results are FC = 3 ppm, then have the APP highlight the FC area to tell the user he must address his chlorine.

So here is the scenario. I am testing my pool while entering my results in the APP. I finish my testing and hit the check mark. Now when I see the overview screen, my FC is highlighted red warning me that my FC is no longer within range. I immediately press the highlighted FC section that opens the "Free Chlorine" screen telling me that I must add x Chlorine to raise my FC to the recommended Target Free Chlorine. I add the chlorine to my pool and tell the app. BAM, no worries! My pool is back to correct levels and Trouble Free again. All because this APP warned me and then told me how to correct.


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Jul 21, 2011
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We don't disagree with the idea, to a point.

So let me toss this scenario out to you, a user has a TA of 100 but their pH is a rock solid 7.7 and the user has little clue about pool care. What do you think they're going to do? What do you think the user should do?? Truth is, a TA of 100 is just fine as long as other items are acceptable HOWEVER it's a huge task to program all that into the knowledge of a program. In the future we do wish to give some guiding to users however we've first gotta have the test results and other data to help "teach" the program how to react. I understand the philosophy however the confusion it could create for a new user is large...........for now. ;D