Pool Math App: comments and question


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Apr 29, 2016
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Please advise if this post should go under a different forum section.

My comments and question are related to the Pool Math app that I purchased last month. I had been using Pool Pal for years and absolutely loved it. I could log test results, chem additions, filter pressure, and free hand notes all in one single time-stamped log and it automatically calculated how much 6% bleach I needed to add when I plugged in my test results. I made a switch to Pool Math last month after losing my Pool Pal data for a second time and not being able to recover it. Pool Math is a little more obtuse than Pool Pal in that it keeps most things in a separate logs that Pool Pal would keep in a single log. However, I like the fact that Pool Math is linked to TFP, the UI looks a bit cleaner, and it is hopefully backing up my data.

One thing I know must exist within the Pool Math app, but can't for the life of me figure out, is how to make the default chlorine additive 6% bleach. Every time I click on the latest FC test results to calculate and log an addition of chlorine, the "What type of Sanitzer will you use?" always defaults to 65% Cal-Hypo, and when I change it to bleach, the bleach default is 8.25%. How do I get the app to save Bleach 6% as the default additive?


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Daniel, your question just made me realize I never changed my bleach % either. :hammer: So it took me a while but somehow I got mine to stick - I think. First I went to my Profile on the left menu and select Effects of Adding Chemicals. I changed it to my 10%. Then I went to the Lg New Chemicals and when I selected bleach it showed as 10%. I think those were the only two things I could find that I was able to update my bleach % and get it to stick.