Pool Math Addition issue


Gold Supporter
May 27, 2019
Houston, TX
I've narrowed the issue a bit.

When getting a recommendation for an addition, you are given the chance to log the amount. If you delay the addition and let the phone screen turn off, or switch applications before the addition is made, then return to the application and take the suggestion and log the addition, the addition will not be correct.

This morning, I checked my FC/pH and logged the tests. I then went to the FC screen and changed the target to 6 to calculate my addition. I added the chlorine (112 oz) to the pool, but didn't log it immediately. I logged it about 30 minutes later when I open my phone. The addition went in as 26 oz.

It would seem a possible "easy" fix would be to default the screen to the main menu every time you open the application.