Pool losing water under vinyl liner


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May 6, 2019
Hello all,

I bought a home with a vinyl in ground pool about two months ago. A company came to open the pool three days ago and everything looked as expected...

That is until they left. About an hour after the filter started running we noticed about a foot of water had vanished. We turned off the filter and looked down to see the liner which was fine when opened was now floating.

The next morning a large amount of the water under the liner had dissipated and now almost three feet of water was missing from the pool. Except for a few spongy spots the liner seemed to no longer be floating.

Later the next day the pool company came back and looked around. We have four spa seats, two connected on each side of the pool. He ran one set of seats and noticed he was losing water, then ran the second set and felt as though this side was not losing water. His instructions to me were begin filling the pool and keep only the suction from the bottom of the pool and the Jets on the non leaking side going.

I did this and low and behold I'm losing water and the pool liner is now floating again.

I have no idea what I'm doing is what's going on but it feels like water is being pumped out of the bottom drain and going directly under the liner.

Please help!

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: Based on the amount of water you seem to be losing, and the fact that it happens only when the pump is on, that would seem to indicate a leak on the pressure side of the system - a pipe going back to the pool from the equipment pad. The challenge now, if you are able, is to see if you can narrow-down which pipe is the problem. You've tried isolating each set of seats but still seem to lose water correct? So what about simple return jets at the pool wall? You have those correct? Any way to run just wall return jets and evaluate? This is "IF" any return jets were plumbed seperatly from the pad back to the pool.

You might post a pic or two of your equipment pad so we can see the valves and stuff. Maybe a shot of the pool set-up as well. It may help.