Pool losing 6-8" water in a week.


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Mar 23, 2019
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Hey everyone. I have a 28000 gal fresh water pool with liner (Florida). I'm loosing 6-8" of water a week and am not sure of where it is going. I'm assuming 2-4" is from evaporation. I've let the water drain past the returns on the sides and no lower. This eliminates the skimmer and returns and leaves either of the two returns on the bottom of pool, the light or a tear some where in liner. I bought a dye kit and used it around the light and seen the dye was sucking into the light. I ordered my gaskets (2) to find one broken. So I wanted to see exactly where the suction was coming from and removed the light housing. Only to find I didnt see any suction using the dye once again. I haven't skimmed the bottom of the pool yet to see if there are any tears. Any suggestions or tips?

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Welcome to the forum! :wave: How's the leak search going? You thought dye was going into the light fixture huh? Is it a large/standard light niche with the conduit at the back? At this point one thing you should probably do for us is to update yoru singature with all of your pool and equipment info. Also make note if you have a drain. If the water stopped getting any lower at/about the return jets, you can assume it'a somewhere around that height. Let us know if we can help.
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