Pool Liner Selection help!!


Nov 11, 2020
I am a first time poster and hope I am in the right spot for this post. I am mid construction and found out the liner I chose (Latham Reef) cannot be done in textured steps, which is one of my must haves. I am having so much trouble selecting another liner and it is so hard to find photos online for the few I am looking at. I was looking for a more natural color; the super bright blues are not my style. I am looking at GLI, Latham, and Looploc. I have my eye on Dark Mosaic Grey and Midnight Slate but they are way darker than my original plan. I cannot find examples online! Pinterest seems to have some but I cannot figure out how to navigate that site. Does anyone have photos if these two? Or something else you recommend from these manufacturers? I am desperate- we need to order tomorrow! Photos of the project.


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