Pool liner replacement cost


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Sep 9, 2015
We’ve had our pool for 11 years the existing liner is beginning to tear around our swim out bench, so far been using gorilla duct tape and it’s holding but understand I need a new replacement line. We have 2 large labs so looking at 28mm vs 20. Pool is 17x40 shallow end 3.5 ft deep end 5.5 ft, 2 main drainers 2 skimmers nothing crazy rectangular. Just trying to see what people are getting quoted for a replacement liners. I know covid has thrown a lot of curve balls with supply and pricing. Recently got a quote for 6k which seems really high. Just looking for comparisons


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Jun 18, 2014
Hauppauge, NY
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Mine was $5000. That was for measuring, liner, install of the liner and new face plates on the skimmers and returns. This also included fixing the sand under the liner. The liner was made by Merlin and was the thicker of the gauges offered.
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