Pool line hit -- now pool is filled with dirty water

Aug 2, 2015
Hey y'all,

I've been maintaining a pool with the basic TFP principles since about Jul 2015. I haven't had any major water issues before yesterday... but now there is, I'm slightly freaking out, and would like some advice! :)

Long background story short: plumbers have been working at my house to install a pressure reducing valve but they've been struggling to find the water line. They decided to move closer to the house yesterday, and in the process they struck the PVC lines that go and from to the pool pump. The pump was running, so they shut it off and replaced the broken lines with new PVC (and still haven't found the water line! :/ ). However, when the plumber turned the pump back on, the pool water quickly turned from standard "clean pool water" to a cloudy, dirty mess. (This probably could've been avoided by just directing the water in the lines to waste, but I wasn't consulted before it was turned back on ...)

So, that is what it is. I appreciate that the lines were fixed, and I understand accidents happen, but I'm wondering next steps for cleaning this guy up. The plumber recommended to let things settle and then the dirt could be vacuumed up. It's been probably 10 hours since that happened and the water still looks the same to me. My impression was to try and filter or at least see where we were with that, so I kept the pump on for a little bit initially and saw that the pressure had spiked +8psi (i.e. already time to clean or backwash) after running for maybe 10 minutes.

So ... ack! Help! Any genius ideas or tips to get this thing moving in the right direction?


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Jul 10, 2012
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Filter during the day with skimmer socks in skimmer basket to help filter. Let it sit over night and vacuum to get any that settled on the bottom. It is going to take time but it will clear up.

If you are worried about your filter pressure going too high then on run pump when you are at home to babysit it.

:hug: not fun at all!