Pool light turns on and off by itself


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Jun 27, 2021
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Both the pool guy and a electrician have confirmed that the electrical source to the light is working and have tested it against a test bulb (test bulb stays on while the pool light goes off) and the breaker does not turn off nor needs to be reset for the pool light to go back on. Stays on for a few minutes then shuts off for a few minutes then turns on again by itself, and repeats. This is the second brand new light fixture we have installed in a year and the same problem keeps happening. Is it possible that switching to a LED bulb/fixture would resolve this issue? Any help or insights would be appreciated. Have spent much money and time on replacing bulbs, putting in new fixtures, and paying electricians just to have this pool light still not work.


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Jul 3, 2013
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What is the voltage at the light when it goes out.. if the voltage is correct then the lights are bad but if the lights are turning on and off sounds like there may be a break in the power cord to the light.. Did they test at the light end in the pool or at the pad side?
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