pool light trips GFCI


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Jul 17, 2016
Carlsbad, CA
Just discovered that my under water swimming pool light has started tripping the GFCI in my Jandy Power panel. I assume some current leakage has developed. It was installed about 14 years ago, so I guess an under water current leakage was inevitable. I will have to call a pool guy to deal with it. This was an incandescent light fixture with a mechanical color wheel, controlled by my control panel, with only one relay controlled switch.

The way it worked was that, if the color wheel was slowly turning, when it came to the color you wanted to hold, you could turn the power switch off and then quickly turn it on again, and the color wheel would stop turning, so the color would be fixed. If you wanted the colors to change again, you could turn the switch off and then back on again. Then the color wheel would start turning again.

I'd like to replace it with an LED based light with some kind of similar color changing scheme that can be controlled by a single switch in my control panel. I have a Jandy 6613 power control panel, and one of the relays in that power panel is the switch that actually turns the pool light on and off.

Any suggestions?


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May 18, 2016
Woodland, Ca
Our last pool had a Jandy Watercolors pool light that was a full size LED. I believe they are available in 12 or 120v. The colors could be switched by turning the light off and on until the desired color was achieved. Colors are limited to the preset hues so you can't achieve the blending like you probably could with the color wheel. Also, the red wasn't an option :(

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Also from my limited understanding, GFI breakers can fail causing a similar condition.

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