Pool light location help?


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Mar 14, 2014
I originally have my Hayward color logic large LED positioned on the shallow end wall aiming to the deep end and not sure if I should reverse it and place in deep end pointed to shallow end? Also from all of your experience will another smaller niche led light be needed for the sun shelf it measures about 8x14 to even out the light distribution?I appreciate feedback on this as they are ready to shot crete the pool Thursday!
Pool depth is 3.6 to 5.6
Thank you for your feedback

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Aug 10, 2012
FL panhandle
That looks good to me. We rarely turn our pool light on because it attracts lots o bugs. We turn on lights away from the pool area shining toward the pool are so bugs stay away.

Generally, you want lights to point away from seating areas and away from the house. You also don't want them shining into your eyes in swim lanes if you will be swimming laps.


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Dec 7, 2016
I would personally only do 1 light if any. Your pool looks similar to mine and I have the same light as you(pro logic 4.0). I'm glad I didn't put more lights in because of the glare and the bugs they attract, I don't turn it on often except to show off for a neighbor:). There is an older build thread with a pic of my pool light if your interested in what to expect once completed, good luck