Pool Light Issues-- Thoughts/Ideas of what could be causing this?


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Jun 2, 2019
We have 3 pool lights. They are Hayward PAL-2T2, LAU-2 bulb? I apologize, I am not sure of what that means but is what is on the booklet I saved from the build.
All three had bad blue bulbs within 5-8 or so months, which the PB came and replaced. Now, 2 of the lights are going out again and are turning yellow, meaning again, I believe, the blue bulbs are out again. It is quite annoying to say the least. The PB fixed them under warranty last time and I mentioned them to the warranty manager recently but I guess he didn't get it on the schedule this time because I have heard nothing, and I need to reach back out.
To my understanding they are LED, and are a newer Hayward model with LEDs that enable you to change the bulbs without draining the pool.

Anywho-- they keep going out, in a very short amount of time. I got to thinking, and wondering if something that happened during our build could lend to the issue. The tile/coping crew had cut through the pool ground wire in a TON of places around the pool, so it was pig-tailed throughout the run around the pool (the city inspector said this was acceptable if using a specific UL listed connector, and they did.. I kept one of the packages for verification). Earlier this month when I met with a representative from a pool equipment supplier, who was sent by the PB about plaster issues, I mentioned the lights going out to him and he said that these lights can be finicky and any variances in current or voltage could affect them. This got me thinking-- could our lights going out so quickly have anything to do with this ground wire issue or is that unrelated?

If not related to the ground wire issue, any other ideas on what could be causing the light bulbs to burn out prematurely?


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Jul 7, 2014
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The main problem is that they are color changing LED pool lights, which have a mean-time-between-failures of about 1 microsecond... :mrgreen:

OK, maybe not quite that bad, but none of them appear to me to last very long.. It is highly doubtful that anything construction related would be the cause..

You can look through our old threads and find tons of posts related to failed LED pool lights.


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