pool light conduit

Aug 15, 2014
st peters mo
This is the first time closing as my pool was just built this year. Closing was included in the price, so of course I let the PB close and I watched. What I noticed is that they did nothing with the pool lights and the water level is still above the level of the lights. The way these pentair led lights are installed is that they sit in a niche that is connected directly to pvc conduit that runs to the equipment pad. When they installed, they told me that the conduit had to come up above water level because it wasnt sealed and if conduit was not high enough water would obviously drain from the pool. so doesnt that mean that when they close, that conduit should be blown out, or at lease some antifreeze added to that the conduit doesnt freeze and crack? When I asked the guys closing the pool, they were clearly perplexed by the question which doesnt give me a good feeling.

Anyone have any experience with this?


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May 7, 2007
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It is common to leave lights installed like that as long as the light fixture remains below the level of the ice sheet that forms on top of the pool. If the pool freezes down below the depth of the lights it is common to place the fixtures up on the deck.

The conduit is normally alright because it is normally below the frost line. How deep that is varies depending on your local climate.