Pool leaking ...somewhere

Apr 13, 2017
Lawrenceburg /tn
Ok have a pool about 10 years old with a liner.has been pretty much trouble free except a few small patches to the sides a few years ago.about 2 months ago was cleaning leaves from the pool with the net.may have brushed it also but can't remember.anyways 2 days later I noticed the water level had dropped past the skimmer.refilled it and stilled dropped.have just let it continue to drop as it is now about 12 inches below the skimmer and seems lose about a 1/2 per day with the pump on.seems to be a little slowe with pump off.we never close our pool and the pump runs 24/7.seems to me like the leak has to be in the liner as that was what I was cleaning 2 days prior to noticing the droppage.no main drain.just 2 skimmers and two lower suctions and 2 returns.also a light in the deep.water level is just below the top of light.also have plastic like steps in the shallow.water is now at the last step.any ideas?


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Jan 17, 2012
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Youtube has some good videos demonstrating how to detect leaks in the liner using food coloring dye. Check them out.

Do you notice any wet spots in the ground, or under the equipment on the pad? If the water in the pool keeps lowering, does it ever stop? If so, the leak could be right above where the water stops.

Just curious, why do you run your pump 24/7?

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Apr 13, 2017
Lawrenceburg /tn
Don't have it on a timer.no detection of any wet spots around pool or pad,it has. Even slowly going down.have tried the dye .no luck.keep expecting it to stop but like I said about a 1/2 inch drop per day