Pool leak test seems ridiculous


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Oct 13, 2016
OK so I have an obvious pool leak. I already did the bucket test, pool water level is 1 inch lower than the water level in the bucket. The leak location is definitely somewhere in the R corner of the pool, the ground is always wet there even though we've had no rain in months

Pool company comes out and says they can do a leak test that takes up to 2 weeks?

Furthermore, this is the requirement of the test:

1. No water flow to the spa allowed
2. All skimmers turned off; water only circulates between pool drains and pool returns
3. No chemical additions, including chlorine or acid, can be done during the test phase

This sounds like some Bull to me. What kind of leak detection test requires all this?
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Mar 2, 2011
The whole procedure sounds ridiculous.

Get a diver to see what they can find.

If the diver can't find anything, pressure test the plumbing.