Pool Leak Repair - Northern Illinois

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May 15, 2014
Western Chicago Area, IL
This might go out to a narrow crowd, but any Northern Illinoisans have any experience with companies repairing below grade pool piping? I am about 60 miles west of Chicago, a little west of Elgin. My 1.5" skimmer line leaks when the pump is off. I started seeing air in the pump basket while vacuuming a few seasons ago. I attempted a "Fix a Leak" repair by "pressurizing" the suction line involving a quite drawn out process. That helped, but the leak is back. I have 1.5" black poly transitioning to PVC at the pump pad just below grade and assume the same type connection is on the bottom of the skimmer. This is where i believe the leak is and is of course under concrete. I confirmed the leak by closing the valve to the skimmer and plugging the skimmer drain, operating the pool via main drain only. After a day or so, when I remove the skimmer drain plug, air will burp out of the line as it refills - so it definitely leaks. At it's lowest point - idk, but it burps air for a while.

Google searches bring up some companies that can scope the pipe but none that can line the pipe, as offered in some southern areas. It will probably boil down to just breaking out the concrete, repairing, then replacing the concrete, but I don't want the unsightly patch lines. Unfortunately there are no places to hide a patch unless I remove much more concrete than necessary to reach the skimmer. Questions:

- Any experience with local companies
- Replace all existing black poly with rigid PVC, about 40' most of which under concrete.
- Or just redo connection on skimmer (preferred method - silicon and barb w/clamp?)

Picture is the best I had. Hope it helps. Thanks!



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Jun 6, 2013
I use Platinum Pools out of Wheeling for a lot of repair stuff and they also open and close my pool. They have fixed many leaks for me in the past. There are companies that will pressurize your lines with some sort of epoxy to seal leaks in underground plumbing. I think there is a company up north somewhere. Not sure how this process works since I never had to try it.